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Affect, Epistemology and the Nonhuman Turn

By Rebekah Sheldon Over drinks the other evening, a dear colleague posed the following question. He asked: “Is affect nonhuman?” He was thinking about the upcoming Nonhuman Turn conference and the sorts of topics registered by the panel titles. While … Continue reading

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Alternate History and Popular Culture

By Molly McCourt “In the huge realm of the possible, the actual is just this tiny bit,” Catherine Gallagher remarked as she seemed to pinch the air with her thumb and index finger.  As she charted a history of counterfactual … Continue reading

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The Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference: An Archival Body of Graduate Work

By Susan Kerns “How can I do ‘interdisciplinary’ work if I don’t talk to people outside of my department?” This question was on the minds of English Modern Studies graduate students in 2004, when we started discussing opportunities for academic … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month

There have been many local events to celebrate National Poetry Month in Milwaukee.  Here at C21, we’re celebrating the work of C21 fellow, Rebecca Dunham.  During her time at the center, she’s conducting research for a book-length poetic sequence entitled “Black Horizon: A … Continue reading

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Catherine Gallagher and Alternate History Novels

By Zach Finch Catherine Gallagher’s discussion of the alternative history novel genre was highly entertaining, thorough, and raised several issues about the nebulous thing we call “history.” Gallagher identified three modes of the alternative history narrative: 1. counterfactual professional history; … Continue reading

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Researching the Here and Now

By Kristin Sziarto Hearing “teen pregnancy rates…” on the radio a few mornings ago, I struggled through the last shreds of sleep to listen. A local NPR affiliate was reporting on the ongoing drop in teen pregnancy rates throughout the … Continue reading

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