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What is the role of the Communist party today?

[by Matthew Boman] Jodi Dean calls Communism “the force of an absence and an alternative, as the general field and division of the common, as the subjectification of the gap of desire” (Occupation and the Party). For her, Occupy opens … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Film Festival Panel Preview

By Cara Ogburn The Milwaukee Film Festival is just around the corner.  C21 is involved with two events- it is cosponsoring J. Hoberman’s keynote, and partnering with the film WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists.  Get your tickets now! With … Continue reading

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Filtering the World: an Interview with Natalie Diaz, Returning the Gift

By Ching-In Chen Natalie Diaz recently visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 20th Anniversary Returning the Gift (RTG) writers’ conference.  I was excited to meet her after hearing so much about her work and words and was grateful that she made … Continue reading

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Researching the Here and Now

By Kristin Sziarto Hearing “teen pregnancy rates…” on the radio a few mornings ago, I struggled through the last shreds of sleep to listen. A local NPR affiliate was reporting on the ongoing drop in teen pregnancy rates throughout the … Continue reading

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